Who Is Deathstroke?: Meet the DCEU’s New Villain

     August 30, 2016


Slade Wilson is a mercenary, a father, a super villain, and an all around badass within the universe of DC Comics. He’s also what I like to call a “catch-all villain”, in so much as he doesn’t firmly have a set place in any given hero’s gallery of villains and rogues. First and foremost, you’d probably categorize him as a villain of the young heroes called the “Teen Titans”, but he’s also managed to tangle with the Justice League, Batman, the Flash, Green Lantern and many others. Slade is a gun for hire so his usual clientele of shady businessmen and other villains brings him into close contact with DC’s brightest and best superheroes rather frequently.

This information is all relevant of course as recently, Ben Affleck shared a video on his Twitter page of what appears to be Deathstroke on the set of Justice League, teasing an upcoming appearance in the DC Extended Universe. How exactly he fits into the DCEU is unclear—Affleck is shooting Justice League now, but the character is rumored to be the antagonist in the Affleck-directed new Batman movie that’s in development. Mr. Wilson has also been something of a big name villain for the Dark Knight in various pieces of media in the past years.

With all this being said, you may not exactly be as familiar with Deathstroke as, say, The Joker, so we’ve put together a look at Deathstroke’s backstory along with his abilities and recent notable splashes in the media, which should get you well acquainted with what appears to be a shining new DCEU baddie.

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