‘Deeper’: Max Landis Explains Why Bradley Cooper May Not Star in the Film

     July 26, 2016

At the end of March, reports linked Bradley Cooper to a starring role in Deeper, a film about a disgraced astronaut turning his attention from above to below as he goes in search of the hypothesized lowest point on earth. According to screenwriter Max Landis during an interview with our own Steve Weintraub at Comic-Con, we’ll have to wait and see if the casting actually sticks.

Referring to the jostling nature of casting, Landis explained that Cooper has his heart set on directing the remake of A Star Is Born with Lady Gaga. Whether he can still star in Deeper on top of that is, apparently, still to be seen. “We’ll see,” is as definitive as Landis would get.

max-landis-save-or-killElsewhere, the Chronicle writer was able to give us a few more details on what to expect from Deeper, which he says is “very scary” but not a horror movie. “It’s The Shining, it’s a drama,” he says, while later adding, “There are elements of The Abyss, but it’s not a science-fiction movie.”

Kornel Mundruczo, the man behind White God, will helm Deeper, while Landis produces alongside David S. Goyer. Watch Steve’s interview with Landis above and you can watch what he had to say about Bright and his abandoned Pokemon movie by clicking the links.

Max Landis Time Index:

  • 0:12 — Landis addresses the casting of Bradley Cooper and why he may not actually star.
  • 1:09 — Landis explains the tumultuous nature of casting and production schedules.
  • 1:53 — Where Deeper is set up and who’s directing
  • 2:07 — In his own words, Landis describes the plot of Deeper, while linking it to The Shining and the drama genre.
  • 3:01 — Landis says he looked at The Abyss for inspiration, but Deeper is not a sci-fi story. He also explains that, while it’s scary, it’s not a horror story.
  • 3:44 — Discussing the status of Deeper, Landis says development is “as going as going can be at this point.”

Image via CBS

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