‘Den of Thieves’: Over 30 Things to Know about the Gritty Heist Thriller

     January 4, 2018


It was a cold and breezy morning in Atlanta, Georgia last February, where the journalists on set assembled to chat with the cast and crew of the upcoming police thriller, Den of Thieves. Gerard Butler had a heavy beard, was wrapped in a bulletproof vest, covered in tattoos, and was sporting a button that read in big white letters, “FUCK YOU” for the role. 50 Cent himself was in SWAT gear, his character in disguise looking to rob a bank alongside actor O’Shea Jackson Jr. of Straight Outta Compton fame. Director Christopher Gudegast was passionately surveying the landscape of the film he is creating with the cast. If nothing else, Den of Thieves can be described as a passion project, as everyone involved seemed positively brimming with enthusiasm as Collider had an opportunity to chat with Gudegast, Butler, 50, Jackson, producers and both military and undercover operations consultants with regards to the film releasing on January 19th of this year.

Den of Thieves sees a group of bank robbers so successful that they make an attempt at “knocking over” a Federal Reserve, which houses so much money that it is more closely monitored and secured than the White House. Big Nick and his crew are the “Regulators”, a group of undercover cops tasked with bringing in the criminals while shakily walking the line between justice and chaos themselves. Here are over 30 facts that we learned from visiting the set itself:

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