Dennis Quaid & Marg Helgenberger Discuss Mortality in ‘A Dog’s Journey’

     May 16, 2019

A Dog’s Journey isn’t your typical feel-good family film. Yes, the sequel to A Dog’s Purpose has your prerequisite cute dogs and potty humor, but the film isn’t afraid to tackle far more somber subjects – namely: accepting and understanding your own mortality. It may seem strange to say, but this Josh Gad talking-dog film is all about death and how vital a part it is of life.

a-dogs-journey-posterIn the sequel, Dennis Quaid reprises his role as Ethan, now married to his love, Hannah (Marg Helgenberger) and living happily together with his granddaughter CJ and dog Bailey. However, after CJ gets taken away by her alcoholic mother (Betty Gilpin), Ethan gives Bailey a new task: find and protect his granddaughter, just as the dog had once done for him. So Bailey sets out in search of CJ, reincarnating through various lives and decades in the pursuit.

In our interview with Marg Helgenberger, Dennis Quaid, and Quaid’s own dog, Peaches, they discuss how important it is to have a dog, tackling the topic of mortality in a children’s film, and processing the loss of a pet. For the full interview, watch above.

Dennis Quaid & Marg Helgenberger:

  • What is Peaches’ (Dennis Quaid’s dog) best trick?
  • How important do they feel it is to have a dog as a child?
  • How vital is it to have serious conversations (like mortality) in a family film?
  • How do they process the loss of a pet?

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