Description of New TRON: LEGACY Footage Shown at Cinema Expo in Amsterdam

     June 26, 2010


Back in March, we brought you the great teaser trailer for Disney’s Tron: Legacy.  Since then, Disney has yet to debut any additional footage of the film to the public – perhaps until now.  This is because an IMDb message board user claims to have recently seen additional footage of the movie at the Cinema Expo in Amsterdam.  We should point out that, as of now, the report is unconfirmed and may be completely off-base. Nevertheless, it is also possible that the footage being discussed is the same footage Disney is planning on showing at Comic-Con in a few weeks.  I asked someone that knows a lot about the movie, and he seemed to think the report sounds legit.

If you’re interested in reading about what the poster may or may not have seen, hit the jump to read the complete post by IMDb user robster16 (disclaimer: with this being a message board post, grammar/spelling is of course optional).

Here’s the original  IMDb page.Tron-Legacy-posters

I went to the Cinema Expo in Amsterdam today where Disney gave a one and a half hour presentation about their movie projects of the next 18 months and the presentation ended with a 6 to 8 minute presentation about TRON Legacy.

I have to saw, my mind was complete blown to pieces! MY GOD this movie is the most stylish, designer, innovative movie projects I’ve seen in a while, certainly from a studio like Disney. We saw plenty of concept art and animatics but the presentation ended with what looked like a new trailer. It was basically an extended version of the previous trailer. We first see Sam in bed as a child, with Kevin sitting on his bed, talking about an experience Kevin has had, and we see toys in Sam’s room based on elements inside the TRON world. During these scenes you never see Kevin’s face, he’s only seen from the back. Then we see the entire introduction of Sam looking for his father, discussing his disappearance, going to the arcade, sitting at the table with the laser behind him, but instead of a fade like the first trailer, we now see a neon blue pull of the outlines and figure of Sam into the camera. and that transports us into the TRON world.

Mindblowing imagery, but the music. DAMN people! I need that soundtrack in my life right now! The song playing was completely new and it literally shook the room and made my inner core tremble. I featured a VERY hard and deep bassline, repeated constantly with four or five synth tones playing over it in repetition. The bass really shakes you up like a very hard and loud drum. It’s just so innovative as a soundtrack and really does fit the atmosphere of the movie.

Back to the trailer. We see Sam walking around in the TRON world. Looking around as recognizers fly past and eventually a shot where he is lifted up into the disc game arena with about five players facing eachother to battle. Two players go at it and one of them throws his disc straight through the other player which leads him to shatter like glass and break apart into thousands of square pixel type pieces on the floor. It’s epically beautiful in terms of art direction and mood with all it’s neon, black and lighting. Really cutting edge, modern and also retro to some degree. We see some shots of Clu2.0 at the end of the clip we see Sam facing Clu2.0 who is a digitally rejuvenated Jeff Bridges which is EXTREMELY mindboggling to look at. Really well excecuted! Sam stands in a room looking at Clu2.0 and says: “Dad?”, Clu2.0 looks back and says: “I’m not your father but I’m certainly happy to meet you”, then he turns around and starts to walk away. It’s all VERY powerfull stuff, with some awesome footage of lightcycle battles with 3 bikes cutting curves, bumping and crashing into eachother.

I’m REALLY psyched about this movie right now and the trailer is STUNNING, I seriously can’t wait to own that soundtrack and play it to death. EPIC!!!

Tron: Legacy is slated to hit theaters later this year on December 17th.


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