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     April 30, 2011

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With AMC launching a new rewards program (AMC Stubs) to replace Movie Watcher, they’ve invited three movie “bloggers” to participate in a competition to visit the most AMC Theatres and see as many movies as possible from April 15 – May 6, 2011. If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen all my FourSquare check-ins using the tag #AMCStubs. Each time you see one, I’m at the theater watching a movie to try and win. So why am I putting in all this effort? Because the winner gets a 5-Year Movie Pass to AMC Theatres! Yes… 5 years of free movies!

While most of the contest falls on my shoulders as I’m the one visiting the theaters, there is a way for some of you to help me win. With this promotion focusing on the new AMC Stubs Card, if you have the card, you can vote for me. The one with the most votes get a huge number of points and it will definitely help one of us win. If you’d like to vote for me, click here. If you’ve already voted, or are about to vote, I really mean this: thank you.

More details on the AMC Stubbs program after the jump.


The fact is, if you go to any AMC theater on a regular basis you want to get the card. And to be clear, I’ve not be paid to say that. The reason I’m suggesting getting one is every dollar you spend (either on concessions or tickets) is put towards getting free movies or free concessions. The way it works is for every $100 spent, you get $10 in rewards back. It’s basically like a 10% off card. In addition, you get free upgrades. So if you buy a small drink, with the card, they give you a medium. Same for popcorn.

Also, if you’re someone that likes buying tickets online, if you use a Stubs card, you don’t pay online ticketing fees at either or Fandango. Obviously if you don’t live near an AMC theater this is all meaningless info, but if you go to one on a regular basis, this is a no brainer. Sign up or get more info here:

Keep in mind, the card costs $12. But that money is applied to the $100 you need for a reward. Again, if you go to the movies a lot, it’s definitely worth it. Especially if you buy popcorn and soda. If you have any questions about the Stubs program, here’s the contact info: AMC Theatres Customer Service (888-562-4262).

And one last thing,

Finally,one last thing, if you’re interested in a chance to win a $15 AMC gift card, you can go to the Search for Stubs Facebook page and answer movie trivia questions.

* Movie and concessions in the contest provided by AMC Theatres


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