Details on the Slurpee/THOR Promotion

     April 14, 2011

Slurpee/THOR Promotion slice

As part of the Slurpee (R) brand’s promotional campaign on Collider this month, we’ve got the details on the special Thor promotion running at 7-Eleven (R) in anticipation of the film’s May 6 release. Thor is partnering with the Slurpee brand for 7-Eleven goers to “Become the Thor of Your Store.” Four premium Thor Slurpee cups and straws are now available at your local 7-Eleven store. Additionally, there’s a free Slurpee iPhone/Android app that unlocks exclusive Thor content for your phone. Simply text “App” to 711711, or visit the Android Marketplace or App Store to download the app. Each check-in on the app unlocks Thor wallpapers, Marvel Digital Comic-Book Subscriptions and rewards points that can be redeemed for things like movie posters and Slurpee swag.

Last but not least, a special “Blue Lightning Blast” flavor is available at 7-Eleven this month. “Drop the hammer on your tongue with a thunderous new taste that could only have come directly from the magical world of Asgard. Side effects include a blue tongue and a powerful compulsion to wear tights and grow your hair out.” In short, drink “Blue Lightning Blast” and see the new movie Thor, starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings and Anthony Hopkins. Thor hits theaters in 3D on May 6.  Click here for all our Thor coverage.

*This is a sponsored content article that is a part of Slurpee/7-Eleven’s promotional campaign ad-buy on Collider.

Slurpee/THOR Promotion

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