Exclusive ‘Detroiters’ Season 2 Finale Clip Reveals Shocking News for Sam

     August 15, 2018


Look, Detroiters is the best TV comedy you are not watching, so you need to fix that immediately (obviously this is not directed at you, Detroiters faithful, who know it is a fantastically quirky and massively underrated series — continue to spread the good word!) The Season 2 finale may be upon us, but it’s never too late to catch up. Sam Richardson and Tim Robinson have created a really strange and wonderful and ultimately happy comedy that both celebrates and acknowledges the pitfalls of living and working in a city like Detroit (you can read more about these Wal-Mart Mad Men in my review). But above all it’s a story about friendship, which is augmented by the fact that the two stars are also best friends in real life. It just makes everything even better.

In the season finale, “Royals,” the future of Cramblin Duvet is in jeopardy when Sam discovers that he might be a father. But in our exclusive clip for the episode, the guys are dealing with some different drama first. After a hot streak of pitches to start the season, things have not been going so well for the duo, including a pitch to a big potential client, Better Made potato chips. On the heels of that encounter, Sam then gets that other news and … well you’ll see!

Check out the clip below; the Detroiters Season 2 finale, “Royals,” airs Thursday, August 16th at 10:30 p.m.:

Below is the season synopsis:

Detroiters stars real-life best friends and Detroit natives Sam Richardson and Tim Robinson as small-time ad men in the Motor City. Whatever they do, they do it together. And no matter what, Tim and Sam’s love for each other and their city never wavers. In the second season, Tim and Sam work with bigger clients including the Michigan Science Center; Sam pursues new romantic interests; Tim’s brother starts working at Cramblin Duvet and has a disruptive effect on the office; and the guys produce an ad with their hero, legendary Detroit news anchor, Mort Crim. The ten-episode second season guest stars include Tim Meadows, Bobby Moynihan, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Faizon Love, Amber Ruffin, Jerry Minor, Conner O’Malley, Nora Dunn, Mort Crim, and University of Michigan football coach, Jim Harbaugh. Detroiters is created and written by Richardson, Robinson, Joe Kelly and Zach Kanin, and executive produced by Lorne Michaels, Jason Sudeikis, and Broadway Video’s Andrew Singer.