DEXTER Renewed for Sixth Season

     December 2, 2010

Good news for Dexter fans today as a renewal for the sixth season of the hit show seems to be imminent. While two seasons were ordered back in 2008 bringing it up to the current season five, and creators talked about making a solid five seasons and ending it; Dexter will be on the air for at least one more season after this year.

With last week’s episode of Dexter earning the second highest ratings in the show’s history, THR reports that an official announcement for the renewal is expected to come shortly. Hit the jump for some of my thoughts and more info on the renewal.

Although Dexter continues to garner record ratings and remain highly profitable, only a sixth season is being ordered for now. According to E! Online, the sixth season is not being billed as the final one and while executives at the show say a seventh is likely, the key actors’ contracts will need to be renegotiated after the sixth in order for the show to continue.

If you don’t want to know about season five of Dexter stop reading now; spoilers ahead.

While early on in the current season it looked like it could be the last, the latest episodes have seen Dexter get out of being caught; as per usual. At the end of last week’s episode, “In the Beginning,” I really was hoping that Dexter would get caught by Deb and Quinn. It seems like every episode someone comes dangerously close to finding out who he is, only to dramatically open a door and see him not be there. I love the show and I want it to go on as long as possible, but Dexter can’t avoid being caught forever; and that’s something that he has admitted multiple times.

With only two episodes left this season and Deb dangerously close to finding Lumen, it’s difficult to guess what may happen. What is clear is that Dexter has evaded being caught so many times over the seasons, and with Liddy, Quinn, Jordan Chase, and now Deb on his tail, it’s unlikely that he’ll get out of this season free and clear. While each season tends to end with someone who knows about him being killed, I’m thinking Lumen will be sticking around, and we’ll be going into season six with a major character knowing about Dexter’s “dark passenger.”