Diane Lane, Anton Yelchin, Elizabeth Perkins and Griffin Dunne – Exclusive Video Interviews

     September 14, 2007

Already playing in select cities and opening in a few more today is the new movie “Fierce People.” The movie stars Diane Lane, Anton Yelchin, Chris Evans, Donald Sutherland, Kristen Stewart, Elizabeth Perkins and it’s directed by Griffin Dunne.

Recently I got to sit down with some of the stars as well as Griffin Dunne for some video interviews and they’re below. But before watching them, I’ve posted the synopsis for the movie and you can also watch some clips from the film by clicking here.

When 16-year-old FINN (Anton Yelchin) is caught buying cocaine for his junkie but well intentioned mother LIZ (Diane Lane), his plans of spending the summer of 1978 away from NYC with his anthropologist father studying the Ishkanani in the jungle are abruptly changed. In an attempt to get both of their lives back on track, LIZ moves the two of them out to a cottage on the country estate of her sugar daddy, MR. OSBORNE (Donald Sutherland).

FINN immediately makes his way into the ‘tribe’ of wealthy country clubbers that inhabit his new home. Soon FINN is dating MR. OSBORNE’S granddaughter MAYA (Kristen Stewart) and has found a best friend in her brother BRYCE (Chris Evans).

FINN adjusts quickly to their life of fancy clothes, cars, horses, sex and drugs. LIZ begins attending AA meetings and begins to establish herself as a loving mother working to correct her mistakes and win back FINN’S love and trust. Unfortunately things begin to spiral out of control, and he begins to see that the wealth and friendships bestowed upon him come at a price.

Diane Lane and Anton Yelchin

  • I ask since the movie was done a few years ago, is it weird to be talking about it now.
  • They talk about their characters and what brought them to the roles. Anton gives a lot of background on his role.
  • I ask Diane about working with Richard Gere again, as she’s about to start her third project with him.
  • And of course… I ask Anton about Star Trek and playing Chekov. If you want to read a transcript of what Anton said, you can read it here.

Elizabeth Perkins

  • How she came to the project and what attracted to her to the role.
  • We talk about her role on Weeds and her Emmy nomination.
  • She talks about the finale. She says it’s intense.
  • I ask her about her work on the movie BIG.
  • What is she going to do on her hiatus.

Griffin Dunne

  • The movie was supposed to come out in ’05, I ask what happened. He also talks about the story of the film.
  • How the cast came together.
  • I ask about his new film The Accidental Husband. It stars Uma Thurman and it’s a screwball comedy.

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