DIG: Watch an Exclusive Clip from the Upcoming “Emma Wilson’s Father”

     April 1, 2015


USA Network’s DIG has been getting a surprising amount of good buzz off of its first few episodes, due at least partially to its sense of geography and the specific way the creators, directors, and writers portray life in Jerusalem. The continuing investigation into the murder of an archeology student, found not far from the Ark of the Covenant, has proved immersive, especially considering the weight of Hebrew mythology involved in the show, most prominently in the image of the red heifer.

Collider has an exclusive clip from the next episode, “Emma Wilson’s Father,” which premieres tomorrow night. The press release summarizes the plot of the episode as such:

Peter (Jason Isaacs) delves further into Emma’s (Alison Sudol) mysterious past, which ultimately leads him to uncover an ancient symbol that has been hidden for centuries.  At the compound in New Mexico, someone from Debbie’s (Lauren Ambrose) former life attempts to rescue her.  Elsewhere, Lynn (Anne Heche) is put in jeopardy and Yussef (Omar Metwally) is faced with the decision of his life.



Image via USA Network

The USA Network series also stars Regina Taylor, Ori Pfeffer, Omar Metwally, Richard E. Grant, and David Costabile, who fans may remember as the tragic character of Gil in AMC’s Breaking Bad. DIG isn’t quite as ambitious as Vince Gilligan’s series, of course, but as far as fantastical procedurals go, its more fun than a USA Network series has been in a long while.

DIG‘s fifth episode, “Emma WIlson’s Father” will air April 2nd, 9 p.m. on USA. Watch the aforementioned clip from the episode below: