Garret Dillahunt, Tom Felton, and Jake Abel to Star in Upcoming WWII Thriller GHOSTS OF THE PACIFIC

     April 9, 2013


Garret Dillahunt (Raising Hope)Tom Felton (Harry Potter), and Jake Abel (The Host) have officially signed to star in Ghosts of the Pacific, a WWII thriller based on a true story about three Navy airmen stranded in the South Pacific Ocean in 1942 after their plane crashes.  With the American Film Company on board, production is set to commence on April 15th at Baja Studios.

According to the press release, American Film Company President Brian Falk will make his directorial debut with Ghosts of the Pacific.  The American Film Company has latched onto the project because the company focuses on depicting compelling true stories from American history.  Written by Mark David Keegan and Falk, Ghosts will begin production on April 15th at the Baja Studios, home to the world’s largest outdoor water tank, which was also used in James Cameron’s Titanic.  Hit the jump for more.

garret dillahunt twelve years a slaveHere’s the official synopsis for Ghosts of the Pacific:

“[The film recounts] the incredible journey of pilot Harold Dixon (Dillahunt), bombardier Tony Pastula (Felton), and radioman Gene Aldrich (Abel) – virtual strangers assigned to a scouting mission on January 16, 1942. When they are forced to ditch their plane, the men are left with no food, water, or supplies; only a 4×8-foot yellow life raft to keep them afloat on a dangerous ocean.”

Founded recently in 2008 by CEO Joe Ricketts, the American Film Company has thus far only produced the 2010 film The Conspirator, based on the prosecution of Mary Surratt for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  The company currently has four films in the development stage including Ghosts, which is in pre-production. Operating under the belief that truth is often more exciting than fiction, the company seeks to uphold historical accuracy while keeping their films engaging. In order to do this, they have hired historians to help with writing in previous projects. With a talented up-and-coming cast and a company dedicated to blending film and history, Ghosts of the Pacific is off to an auspicious start.

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