Director Dario Piana Drinks Down LOST BOYS 3 – THE THIRST

     September 24, 2009


Bloody-Disgusting is reporting that Warner Premiere has hired “The Deaths of Ian Stone” director Dario Piana to helm “Lost Boys 3: The Thirst”, written by Evan Charnov.  Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander are expected to return as the Frog Brothers but BD is only able to confirm Feldman’s involvement.  I could also confirm Feldman’s involvement I simply because I can’t imagine Feldman saying “No,” to another “Lost Boys” sequel.

The plot would follow a destitute and friendless Edgar Frog (Feldman) until wealthy vampire-romance writer Gwen Liebling offers him a shitload of cash to hunt down Alpha Vampire D.J. Dusk in order to rescue her son Peter.  I hope Edgar doesn’t kill D.J. Dusk because that guy knows how to scratch some records (is that the right slang?  “Scratch some records?”).  Shooting is set to begin this November in South Africa.  I am totally indifferent to the “Lost Boys” franchise but I guess there are some die-hards out there who can’t detach from their ironic-detachment

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