Director D.J. Caruso Exclusive Video Interview – EAGLE EYE

     September 23, 2008

Before getting to the intro…part 1 of the interview with director D.J. Caruso is a must watch interview. You can skip the entire preamble and just scroll down to watch it now. If you’re a film geek, it’s as close to must see as anything I’ve ever posted on the site. He talks about IMAX and digital IMAX and how “Y: The Last Man” will almost 100% be using IMAX cameras for part of the movie. Just watch it. Now the intro…

As most of you already know, opening this Friday is director D.J Caruso’s “Eagle Eye.” The film is a race-against-time-thriller that stars Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan as two strangers who become the pawns of a mysterious woman they have never met, but who seems to know their every move. Realizing they are being used, they must work together to outwit the woman before she has them killed.

As I’ve said a few times already on the site, the film has some pretty serious action scenes and it’s definitely a summer movie that’s getting released in the end of September. If you’re looking for a fun ride this weekend, look no further than “Eagle Eye.”

Anyway, to help promote the film, I recently got to sit down with D.J. in his hotel room and ask him some questions about making the film. Since I recently interviewed him, I decided to concentrate on questions that I hadn’t asked already.

Of course the big thing I was thinking about was what I’d just asked Jon Favreau at the Iron Man DVD press day – the IMAX question. As you may remember, Jon said he’d like to shoot “Iron Man 2” in either 3D or possibly with IMAX cameras (for certain scenes).

As everyone is slowly realizing, what Christopher Nolan did with “The Dark Knight” this summer has changed everything. While studios have struggled with ways to get more moviegoers into theaters and not download pirated copies on their computers, Mr. Nolan released his movie with over twenty minutes shot on the large screen IMAX format and people have not only paid extra money to see it, but a sizeable percentage of the final gross has come from this large screen release. There is no debating if this gamble worked, the only thing left to discuss is how to get more IMAX screens built before more filmmakers start using the cameras for their big event movies.

So when I got to talk with D.J. Caruso about “Eagle Eye,” I wanted to know his reaction to the “Dark Knight” IMAX footage and if he might already be thinking about using the cameras for his next release, “Y: The Last Man.”

And as you can see in the first part, he not only seemed giddy to talk about the IMAX format, but he confirmed he’s thinking about it for “Y: The Last Man.” Also, he reveals that “Eagle Eye” is being released on 15 IMAX screens digitally and they’re the beta test of the format! In case you didn’t know, IMAX is going digital and this is the film that is testing the format out!

Like I said at the top of this intro, if you’re a film geek, part one of this interview is as close to must see as anything I’ve ever posted on the site. Just watch it. Finally, here are some clips for “Eagle Eye” in case you missed them.

D.J. Caruso – part 1

· What has been the last few months been like for him getting the film ready

· IMAX talk – D.J. talks about what he would have done differently if he’d known they’d be getting released in IMAX

· He also talks about what’s different between the regular release and the IMAX version (sound)

· Very technical talk about the IMAX set up – it’s quite interesting if you’re into that kind of stuff

· I ask what did Dark Knight being in IMAX do to him as a filmmaker. Did it change his thinking for future stuff?

· He says the next time he has an event movie he will for sure use the IMAX cameras for action scenes

· And of course I ask about Y: The Last Man – he says he has already begun thinking about using IMAX cameras for that movie!

· And regarding Eagle Eye in IMAX – he says 15 of their prints will be digital IMAX! He explains the process of digital IMAX. He says Eagle Eye is the Beta test of digital IMAX

· I ask what was the best part of making Eagle Eye – he talks about doing the car chase and taking an idea from Steven Spielberg and making it

WARNING: The first few questions of part 2 are safe, but do NOT watch the ending until you’ve seen “Eagle Eye.” D.J. drops some big time info about the movies that influenced “Eagle Eye” and if you hear one of them, you’ll probably figure out something you wish you didn’t know. You’ve been warned…After the question on marketing it gets spoilery

D.J. Caruso – Part 2

  • I ask about the Eagle Eye Blu-ray release – he explains the tech behind the format and how it affects his film
  • How has Y: The Last Man been coming together – he says Warner Bros. would really like to have it in cinemas in 2010
  • I ask if it’s weird to be going to WB as he’s been at DreamWorks for awhile
  • Marketing – how involved is he in his films
  • What was it about Eagle Eye that made him want to do it after Disturbia – warning – we start to get into spoiler country

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