Director Francis Lawrence talks about what he’s doing next and the reshoots of I AM LEGEND

     December 2, 2007

Over the last 4 days I’ve participated in more interviews than Ihave ever done while working on Collider. I’ve covered 6 junkets and I’ve got 2 more tomorrow. So while I’d love to post full transcripts of everything I’ve got…you’ll have to give me some time to get it all sorted out. What I decided to do was pull some of the juicy quotes from some of the interviews. Up now… Francis Lawrence, the director of “I am Legend.”

After the press conference was over I went up to Francis to try and find out what he was doing next and to ask about the rumored reshoots that had just gone on. He answered quite honestly about the reshoots and he also told me what he had coming up next – a pilot at NBC and he talked about the feature films he’s thinking about.

And if you’d like to listen to Francis Lawrence you can click here for the MP3. But be warned… there are major spoilers discussed in the audio. I changed a question below to make it spoiler free. You are warned.

Francis Lawrence: …there’s lots of extra footage. I would love to do an alternate version with extra stuff in it, you know for the DVD.

There are rumors online that 2 weeks ago you guys re-shot the ending. Is there any truth to that?

Francis Lawrence: Yeah, we re-shot stuff, yeah. But we couldn’t re-shoot stuff until we had the effects, because you have to wait for you to have effects and then you can show people to see if there’s anything weird and then you go back and do little pick ups.

So what was it that you re-shot?

Francis Lawrence: We shot little pieces here and there throughout, you know? A little piece in the beginning, a little piece in the middle, some in the end.

Let’s ask this question specifically, (the next bit is changed from what I actually asked due to spoilers) there was a lot of talk that you changed the ending of the movie to be the opposite of what you had. Is there any truth to that?

Francis Lawrence: I don’t want to actually discuss the ending just because I want people to make up their own minds, but maybe they’ll be an alternate version at some point.

I understand. Basically there is truth that it was being worked on very recently.

Francis Lawrence: Oh yeah, absolutely.

I guess the next question of course is so now that you have a moment to breathe are you already thinking what am I going to do next?

Francis Lawrence: I’m going to do a pilot next. I’m doing a pilot for NBC called “Kings”.

Can you give us a little like one-liner about it?

Francis Lawrence: Sure. It takes place in an alternate reality. It basically takes place in New York City but it’s not New York City and it takes the story of David starting with David and Goliath but transplants it into a modern world. It’s the story of him being chosen to be the new King and the King trying to have him basically assassinated.

So it’s like the story of David in New York?

Francis Lawrence: Yes.

Is this something that you’re executive producing so if it gets picked up in the Fall…?

Francis Lawrence: One of the executive producers, exactly. Yeah.

You would direct the pilot?

Francis Lawrence: Yeah, direct the pilot, yeah.

And so of course the last question… are you already thinking about another feature though after the pilot?

Francis Lawrence: Well, there’s a couple of things I’m working on. I’m working on a book “Survivor” by Chuck Palahniuk that I’m working on with a friend. It’s a great book. I love that book. So we’ve been working on that. There’s a thing at Disney called “Snow and the Seven” which is basically the re-telling of Snow White in 19th century China which is very cool. It’s a cool project. Done like “House of Flying Daggers”.

You’re not busy.

Francis Lawrence: No, exactly.

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