Director George Miller Wants Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy to Pick up Some Gas for New MAD MAX

     October 22, 2009

Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy Mad Max.jpg

A dirty Charlize Theron in head-to-toe leather? Sure, why not? When she’s dirty she wins Oscars, when she’s in tight leather….she’s in tight leather. George Miller also sees it as win-win because he is going after the A-lister to be the female lead in his next installment in the “Mad Max” series, which would be the first in almost 25 years. Click the jump to hear what’s going on beyond the thunderdome.

It had been reported before that Miller was looking to revisit the Mad Max character, but was pretty sure it would move forward without original star Mel Gibson in the lead role. He has since shown interest in U.K. actor Tom Hardy, who has left a pretty powerful impression on viewers as the lead in the violent action-biography “Bronson,” to take over as Max. However, neither Hardy nor Theron have received any formal offer for the roles. Miller is keeping his cards close to the vest but Theron and Hardy make a lot of sense within the landscape of the series; certainly more so than Tina Turner.

E Online goes on to report that the film is still very much in its infancy stages, and is a ways away from production. If Theron doesn’t pan out, and the role requires any kind of stunt work I’d love to see Zoe Bell in front of the camera driving fast, jumping hard, and hanging on for dear life – while dressed in leather. Just a thought, Mr. Miller.

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