Director Jonathan Mostow Exclusive Video Interview SURROGATES

     September 20, 2009

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Opening this Friday is director Jonathan Mostow’s “Surrogates”. The film stars Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell and Rosamund Pike and it’s set in a future where most people don’t leave their homes. Instead, 98% of people live vicariously through their robot surrogates and they send them out to interact and work while they’re plugged in. But when a murder happens to someone while they’re plugged in and using their surrogate, Bruce Willis is forced to unplug to figure out what happened. So to help promote the film, I recently spoke with director Jonathan Mostow and he talked about the challenges of making “Surrogates” and the real world sci-fi aspect of the film. Watch the interview after the jump:

And before watching, here’s 3 clips from “Surrogates” and here’s a report from when I went to the editing room.

Jonathan Mostow

  • We talk about the real world sci-fi aspect of the film
  • The challenges of filming the big action scenes
  • He talks about how they had to bring in extras from outside of Boston
  • Sub-Mariner update

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