Director Paul Solet Exclusive Video Interview – GRACE

     January 28, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

“Grace” might end up being the little horror movie that could.

Before the festival, I didn’t hear much buzz about the film. I knew a few people that wanted to see it….but no one was talking about it the way people were looking forward to “Paper Heart” or “Adventureland”. But after a screening where people were passing out in the theater, and a press screening that got raves from everyone that saw it… “Grace” might end up beingone of thesurprises from this year’s festival.

Since most of you haven’t heard of the film yet…here’s the synopsis.

Madeline and Michael Matheson have been trying to have a baby for years.

After multiple miscarriages, they finally are seven and a half months pregnant. Disheartened with traditional obstetric medicine, Madeline brings Michael to Naturebirth, an independent natural birthing clinic run by Patricia Lang, a former professor of Madeline’s. Despite the strong objections of Michael’s straight-laced, conservative mother, Vivian, the couple agrees that using Patricia is best for the child.

Shortly afterward, an accident leaves both Michael and the unborn child dead.

Though absolutely devastated, Madeline is advised to carry the child to term and deliver naturally. Two weeks later, at Naturebirth, Madeline delivers her dead child. She asks Patricia for a minute alone with the baby. She strokes the child’s hair. Opens its lips and lays it on her breast. When Patricia returns, the baby is nursing, color returned to her skin. Madeline offers a warm smile and explains, “It’s Grace. Her name is Grace.”

Madeline takes the baby home, alive and miraculously reconstituted. But Grace’s health starts to decline. Her hair begins to loosen and come out in her brush. She starts to smell. Her temperature begins to drop. Flies become overtly interested in her. Layers of skin wash off in the bathtub, leaving terrible sores.

Madeline is at her wits’ end, but remains convinced that if she involves traditional medicine, the situation will only worsen. Finally, Grace loses interest in her mother’s milk and refuses to nurse.

Exhausted, Madeline passes out, desperately trying to feed Grace. She awakens some time later to find Grace is nursing. Ravenously. She tries to pull her off, but she won’t budge. It hurts. Finally, she pulls the baby from her breast. A little stream of blood runs down Grace’s chin. Madeline checks her damaged breast. Grace hasn’t been drinking milk.

Madeline tries to find alternative food for Grace, but the baby becomes desperately ill and starts to deteriorate unless she receives human blood. Madeline resigns herself to feeding Grace her own blood, but the baby’s appetite grows, and Madeline’s health rapidly declines. Before long, she grows anemic, and her blood no longer staves off Grace’s deterioration.

With nowhere to turn, Madeline must make a mother’s ultimate decision: Will she kill to keep her child alive?

Anyhow, while at this year’s festival I got the chance to talk with director Paul Solet. During our extended conversation we talked about making “Grace”, what he did in pre-production to save both time and money, what he’d like to do next…and since he’s from Boston (like me)…we talked about what it would take to get a Dunkin Donuts here in L.A.

It’s a great interview with a filmmaker that’s clearly got some talent. Here’s Paul.

Paul Solet

  • When did he first find out he got into Sundance

  • He talks about how and where they made the movie

  • I ask about the financing for the movie. He talks about the short he first made and how that helped him make the feature length version of the movie

  • He talks about working for the studio and how supportive they were

  • What was the biggest challenge making Grace. As most filmmakers say…time. He talks about all the pre-production he did getting ready to film

  • What is the distribution process for Grace

  • What does he want to do next? Says he wants to make another body horror film about a savant bicycle messenger

  • He talks about how he grew up in Boston

  • And since paul is from Boston…I ask the most important question of the day…what will it take to get Dunkin Donuts in Los Angeles!

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