Director Roger Spottiswoode Exclusive Video Interview – The Children of Huang Shi

     May 22, 2008

Opening tomorrow, in limited release, is director Roger Spottiswoode’s new film “The Children of Huang Shi.” The movie is based on real events and it’s a story set against war-torn China in the 1930’s. The film centers on a young English journalist (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), an American nurse (Radha Mitchell) and the leader of a Chinese partisan group (Chow Yun Fat) who meet in desperate and unexpected circumstances. Together they rescue 60-orphaned children, leading them on an extraordinary journey across hundreds of miles of treacherous terrain.

To help promote the film, I recently interviewed Roger and he told me about the challenges of making the movie in mainland China and a lot more. It’s a great interview anda lot more interesting than your typical junket interview.

As always, I listed what we talked about above the interview. And if you missed the movie clips from “The Children of Huang Shi,” click here to watch them.

Roger Spottiswoode Video Interview

  • Which film prepared him the most for making this film

  • Since he has kids, animals and locations in this film…what was the hardest part of making this film

  • He filmed in China, what was experience like with the government over there

  • What did the government of China make him take out

  • What will be on the DVD

  • He talks about what he has coming up

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