Director Seth Gordon Exclusive Video Interview FOUR CHRISTMASES

     November 16, 2008

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Out of all the movies I saw in 2007, one of the best was a documentary called “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.” The documentary was about an out of work teacher named Steve Wiebe as he tried to set the world record in the arcade game Donkey Kong. What he ends up having to go through to try and accomplish this goal is something you have to see. It’s really that good.

So why am I talking about “The King of Kong”? Because earlier today I got to talk with director Seth Gordon about his new movie “Four Christmases.” Yup, Seth made the leap to Hollywood and it’s all due to Donkey Kong.

In his first big budget Hollywood movie, Seth not only got to work with the always funny Vince Vaughn, but he managed to get Robert Duvall, Jon Favreau, Mary Steenburgen, Dwight Yoakam, Tim McGraw, Kristin Chenoweth, Jon Voight and Sissy Spacek to act in it. I’m sure you agree with me when I say it’s not a bad group of actors for a first movie….

Anyway, what’s posted below is a pretty extensive interview with Seth where we talk about not only making “Four Christmases”, but what’s the status of “The King of Kong” Hollywood remake. In case you didn’t know, they’re planning on making the story of “King of Kong” into a movie with Hollywood actors playing the parts. And if you’re curious what’s up…Seth says, “the script has come in, it’s actually very good, and they’re intending on moving pretty quickly on that.”

We also reminisce about making that movie and what’s the status of Steve and the world record.

Finally, a big thank you to Seth for giving me so much time and agreeing to do this on camera. And if you want to watch some clips from “Four Christmases” click here.

Seth Gordon – Part 1

· King of Kong talk – looking back on it, what does he remember and take away from the experience

· What’s the status of the feature film remake of The King of Kong – says “the script has come in, it’s actually very good, and they’re intending on moving pretty quickly on that.”

· Says the next time we’re going to hear about it is when they attach someone to play Billy or another member of the cast

· We discuss who should play Billy

· We also discuss what kind of film it’ll be. I ask if it’ll be played for laughs or played straight like the movie – Seth says it’d be a mistake to play it for laughs. Wants to make the movie as serious as the gamers take the competition

· We discuss how Steve just broke the Kong record again

· He says if you’re interested in finding out more go to the Twin Galaxies website

· Four Christmases talk – how did he get involved

· Coming from a world of real life…what was it like meeting with the big Hollywood stars and meeting with the studio for the first time

· We discuss what it was like working with someone like Vince who is known for improv

Seth Gordon Part 2

· He had a reunion of Swingers on this film. How did that come together

· What was it like working with such legends of cinema

· Did he have a lot of friends and family want to visit him on set

· DVD/Blu-ray talk – says lots of deleted scenes and bloopers for the DVD. Also there will be a section that will show how the action scenes took place and how they happened

· We talk about The Only Living Boy in New York – which might be his next movie. Says it’s almost a contemporary version of The Graduate

· We talk about what else he might do.

· He talks about what was the most difficult part of making 4 Christmases

· Says a funny behind the scenes story about Vince and the baby….

· We go back to King of Kong – I ask who has the Kong machine…

· Fun Spot talk – the arcade from King of Kong – says the film has helped their business

· Says if they do make the remake he really wants to shoot at Fun Spot

· I ask how did Kong do on DVD – says Netflix told him it did incredible well

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