Director Steve Brill Prepares for LAST SEMESTER and an Untitled Comedy

     May 18, 2009

steve_brill_01.jpgI want to say that director Steve Brill will be remembered as the guy who messed up “Fanboys” beyond all recognition before original director Kyle Newman came in and reclaimed the project (or as much as possible in the lunch break the Weinsteins gave him to re-cut the entire film), but that assumption presupposes that Steve Brill will be remembered.  With a resume of barely-amusing comedies like “Mr. Deeds”, “Without a Paddle”, and “Drillbit Taylor”, I’m guessing…no.

But according to Variety, he’s just lined up two more projects and maybe they’ll be worth remembering and Brill will be remembered as one of the comedy greats.  First, there’s an untitled comedy he just sold to Fox.  Get this: it’s about wealthy older couple who, after losing all their money in a Wall Street Ponzi scheme are forced to move in with their loser son.  That’s…well, “hilarious” isn’t the word I’m looking for.  Oh, wait.  It’s horrific.  That sounds horrific.  I want to cut my wrists a little bit reading that logline.  Wow, old couples forced to move in with their loser child.  Thanks for the fun night at the movies.

Then there’s “Last Semester” which isn’t quite as depressing but still kind of sad: the film centers on a Harvard couple who decide to temporarily break up and date other people in their final semester in order to have the “college experience.” So it’s about a couple of twenty-two year olds who have been together but break-up because they don’t know if they’ll ever get another chance to fuck around?  Wow, I’ll really be rooting for those two.

Godspeed, Mr. Brill.  Remember that you’re making comedies and not films that make people want to eat bullets.

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