Exclusive Interview: Director Todd Phillips on PROJECT X, DUE DATE and THE HANGOVER 2

     June 5, 2010

Todd Phillips Due Date Hangover 2 Project X slice

Just an hour ago I was on the red carpet at Spike “Guys Choice” Awards at Sony Studios.  While most of the big name actors didn’t walk the red carpet, I did manage to talk with director Todd Phillips.  As most of you know, Phillips is hard at work completing his next comedy, Due Date, which stars Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis as two people forced to make a road trip together.  I saw some footage at this year’s ShoWest and thought it looked awesome.

Anyway, during my extended red carpet interview (thank you Todd), we talked about not only Due Date, but what’s up with the mysterious comedy Project X (read more about it here) and The Hangover 2.  Here are some of the things I learned.  Hit the jump to watch the video interview.

  • Project X starts filming July 6 and they have definitely cast unknowns for the lead roles.  Although not all the roles have been cast yet.  He explains a lot more during the interview.
  • The Hangover 2 starts filming October 15.  Talks about his goal for the film.
  • He literally finished Due Date yesterday.  As in the picture is locked and the sound is done.  They’re not screening it anytime soon as the movie doesn’t open until November.
  • The first teaser trailer for Due Date will be on Christopher Nolan’s Inception

Todd Phillips

  • Guys choice awards talk
  • :45 – Project X talk – how did the online casting go and he says they start filming July 6.  Also says the title is still Project X for now
  • 1:25 – Confirms they definitely cast a lot of unknowns and explains why they wanted people no one knew
  • 2:00 – Did they cast a name or two.  Says the main cast is unknowns
  • 2:25 – Will he be on set everyday
  • 3:00 – What’s the status of The Hangover 2 – says they start filming around October 15
  • 3:25 – Are they pushing the boundaries in the second film
  • 4:25 – With the amount of people trying to figure out what The Hangover sequel is about, are they going to come out soon and give people a one liner
  • 4:50 – Says Due Date is literally done.  Locked. Final mix.
  • 5:40 – Says a teaser trailer for Due Date will be on Inception
  • 5:50 – Will he be going to Comic-Con for Due Date
  • 6:15 – Is he working on the Due Date DVD


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