Disney Animation Studios Registering Website Domains for MONSTERS INC. 2, WORLD WAR ROBOT, and THE TIGER KING?

     July 30, 2009


Now before we start getting readers foaming at the mouth (that’s probably from rabies and you really need to get that checked out) and losing our journalistic integrity (we have some and you know it), let me say this: registering domain names is absolutely no indication that there’s been a greenlight on a particular project.  At best it means that there’s been the slightest sliver of interest within a studio and they want to make sure they own all relevant domain names before they’re swiped by Internet squatters (the folks who buy up thousands of domain names in their hopeless quest that some company will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to release the domain).

But Disney has recently registered some interesting domains for films like “Monsters, Inc. 2”, “The Tiger King”, and “World War Robot”.  Hit the jump for details.

Monsters Inc movie image Pixar.jpgAccording to Jim Hill Media, Disney has gone on a bit of a buying frenzy when it comes to domain names.  Yesterday, Disney registered the domain for “Monsters2.com” and director Pete Docter, who helmed the first “Monsters, Inc.” and this year’s fantastic Pixar flick “Up”, has already indicated that “Monsters, Inc. 2” would be his next film.

Other interesting domains are for a film possibly titled “World War Robot” and even more exciting, a film called “The Tiger King” which may serve as a pseudo-sequel to “The Lion King” which was stolen from Japanese TV series, “Kimba: The White Lion” and some play I’ve never heard of before called “Hamlet” (I looked it up on IMDb and it looks like an Ethan Hawke flick or something).

JHM’s report also has credibility, not just from the quality of the reporting they’ve done over the years, but they also note that Disney has picked up domains for upcoming releases like their Broadway production of “Mary Poppins” and the upcoming Blu-Ray of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

Remember, a lot of this is simply speculation but these registrations may serve as a snowflake before a potential blizzard.  Or it may just be a cold raindrop.

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