Disney is the Master of ANT-MAN’s Domain Name

     March 3, 2010


Today, we’ve learned from StitchKingdom [via /Film] that Disney has recently purchased a collection of domain names that may hint at what project they have moving into development.  The biggest one is for ant-man-themovie.com, which gives some indication that Marvel may be interested in making a movie based on the Marvel superhero, Ant-Man.  As you may or may not remember, Disney purchased Marvel Studios last year and Ant-Man is one of the many characters at their disposal.  Throw in Stan Lee’s comment on Twitter last month: “To make up for my previous grievous error, here’s a little item that may have escaped you. Marvel is prepping a movie starring– Ant Man!” and now you’re cooking with gas.

But before you start roasting up your casting speculation, etc, understand that a domain name purchase isn’t a greenlight or an indication that a movie is getting made.  It’s a precaution so that if Disney/Marvel decides to go ahead with an Ant-Man movie, they don’t have to wrangle with a squatter (a person who buys up potentially-popular domain names and then ransoms them to big buyers).

Hit the jump to check out the other domain names Disney registered as well as writer-director Edgar Wright’s current status regarding Ant-Man.

disney_logo_image.jpgLast month, Wright explained to MTV that with Scott Pilgrim wrapped (although it’s still in post-production and moving through the test-screening process), he would begin on a new draft of Ant-Man but there’s no rush to make the movie until there’s a good script.

Here’s the full list of the other domains registered by Disney and the movies they may refer to.  Keep in mind, titles are always subject to change and some of these domains may not refer to the entire title.

New Cars Toons featuring Tow Mater:

  • – Lunar Mater (lunarmater.com)
  • – Moon Mater (moonmater.com)
  • – Right Stuff Mater (rightstuffmater.com)
  • – Mater P.I. (materpi.com)
  • – Investigator Mater (investigatormater.com)

Projects Disney will distribute for DreamWorks Pictures:

  • – Eat, Sleep, Poop (eatsleeppoopmovie.com)
  • – Escape Artist (escapeartist-movie.com)
  • – Good Looking (goodlooking-themoive.com)
  • – I Saw You (isawyou-themovie.com)
  • – Nonstop (nonstop-movie.com)
  • – Robopocalypse (robopocalypse-movie.com)
  • – War Horse (warhorse-movie.com)
  • – Wife vs. Ninja (wifevsninjamovie.com)

Potential Walt Disney Pictures Feature Films:

  • – A True Story (atruestory-movie.com and atruestory-themovie.com)
  • – CA Rancho Film (caranchofilm.com)
  • – Classy Lady (classyladymovie.com)
  • – Denver International Airport (denverinternationalairport.com)
  • – Genneris (genneris.com and gennerismovie.com)
  • – Great Lengths (greatlengthsmovie.com)
  • – Home Movies (homemovies-themovie.com)
  • – Me Harmony (meharmonymovie.com)
  • – Ra (ra-movie.com)
  • – When the Trumpets Sound (whenthetrumpetssound.com and whenthetrumpetssound-themovie.com)

And other possible titles for Secretariat:

  • – Taking the Crown (takingthecrown.com and takingthecrownmovie.com)
  • – Triple Crown (triplecrownmovie.com)

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