Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer Will Not Renew First-Look Deal

     September 20, 2013


Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney will go their separate ways when their contract ends in 2014.  Bruckheimer tells THR that “It’s time for us to tackle all kinds of movies, not just Disney movies,” which is an odd statement from someone who is currently working on Beverly Hills Cop 4 and Bad Boys 3.  If Bruckheimer has a deep desire to make movies that don’t fall into a blockbuster mold, we haven’t heard about it.  Bruckheimer will remain on board to produce Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure franchises, and says he wanted to continue his relationship with Disney on other movies, but “he’s confident he will get a deal,” at another studio.

Hit the jump for more including how The Lone Ranger factored into the decision.

lone-ranger-posterBruckheimer produced The Lone Ranger for Disney, which was one of the year’s biggest flops.  However, Bruckheimer doesn’t blame the split on that movie [via THR]:

“We have a full body of work with them. It’s not about Lone Ranger. It’s more about the types of movies Disney is making, and the types of movies we want to make, in addition to Pirates.”

I have some difficulty believing that statement.  If The Lone Ranger had been a hit instead of a massive flop, I have difficulty believing Disney would be so cool with letting Bruckheimer take his production company elsewhere.  In any case, both parties will remain successful.  Bruckheimer still has franchises in his pocket, and has a knack for dusting himself off, and moving on to the next big potential property.  Meanwhile, Disney has Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm plus their partnership with DreamWorks, which has replaced the Touchstone Films banner.

national_treasure_2_book_of_secrets_movie_image_jon_turteltaub_and_jerry_bruckheimerHere’s the e-mail Disney sent out regarding their break from Bruckheimer:

The Walt Disney Studios and Jerry Bruckheimer have decided not to renew their first-look deal when it expires next year. Disney will continue to focus on its branded properties including Disney, Pixar, Marvel and now Lucasfilm, while Bruckheimer is looking to produce more mature films outside the scope of the Disney brand. Disney and Bruckheimer will continue working together on various projects, including the fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Together Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer have produced such blockbuster hits as the Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure films under the Disney brand, as well as adult action dramas like Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, Con Air, and The Rock through the Touchstone label.

“Jerry is one of the most respected and prolific producers working in the motion picture industry, and we have had an incredibly successful collaboration over the past two decades. He is a friend to many of us here at Disney,” said Alan Horn, Chairman, The Walt Disney Studios. “We will continue to work together in the future, and we look forward to seeing more of the films that have made Jerry Bruckheimer a Hollywood legend.”

“I am very appreciative of the wonderful collaboration and support I have had at The Walt Disney Company for over twenty years and the twenty-seven movies we have made together. The good news is we will continue working together on Pirates of the Caribbean, National Treasure and other projects we have developed together at the studio,” said Jerry Bruckheimer. “I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with these amazing people at The Walt Disney Studios, many of whom have become my good friends. As we continue to make adventure films, we look forward to returning to films like Black Hawk Down, Enemy of the State, Beverly Hills Cop, and The Rock.”

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