Disney Planning Movie Based on Matterhorn Ride

     June 29, 2011


Because Pirates of the Caribbean was a success and that means every movie made based on a ride is a good idea, Disney is currently prepping a film inspired by the Matterhorn ride. The adventure film is based on the toboggan-themed roller coaster that echoes the mountains of Switzerland. The attraction first opened in 1959 and spawned from an idea by Walt Disney himself. Jason Dean Hall (Spread) has been hired to write the script, with Justin Springer (Tron: Legacy) producing.

Heat Vision reports that the film, which has a working title of The Hill, will be a “thrilling, fast-paced movie” that tells the story of five kids who are mysteriously called to the top of a mountain where they encounter Yetis. If the “mysterious calling” that brings them to the mountain is brainwashing and/or cult-like visions, I’m totally sold. The Hill is one of a number of Disney ride-themed films in development including Guillermo del Toro’s The Haunted Mansion, Jon Favreau’s Magic Kingdom and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea which David Fincher is eyeing to direct.

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