Disney to Make Feature Film Based on the Documentary QUANTUM HOOPS, Ben Stiller to Produce

     August 8, 2011


If there’s one thing nerds love, it’s basketball. At long last, a film is in development that will bring this in no way incongruous relationship to the big screen. Disney has acquired the remake rights to the sports documentary Quantum Hoops. The 2007 film chronicles the 2006 Caltech basketball team that played 21 seasons (245 conference games) without having a single win on their record. Deadline reports that Ben Stiller will produce the comedy through his Red Hour Films that will tell the story of a group of geniuses (nerds) who try for two decades to win a basketball game, relegating to hiring an exiled NCAA coach to lead them. Stan Chervin, who wrote the first draft of Moneyball, will pen the script. Hit the jump to watch the amusing trailer for the documentary.

Here’s the trailer for 2007’s Quantum Hoops:


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