Disney Has Seller’s Remorse Over ‘Star Wars’ Broadcast Rights and Wants Them Back

     August 2, 2018


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Disney is reportedly starting to regret selling its Star Wars TV rights to Turner Broadcasting, which can air the movies on TBS and TNT until 2024, and instead wants to keep them for its own streaming video service. According to Bloomberg, despite the private talks, details have leaked about the Mouse House making inquiries about ending its original deal with Turner early. “[Turner] would want financial considerations and programming to replace the lost films, one person said. The talks haven’t advanced further,” the article states.

Disney was hoping to make the Star Wars movies the “bedrock” of its new streaming service, which will also offer original programming alongside its back catalogue of TV and movies. It made its initial deal with Turner in 2016, before it had finished plans for its own standalone service. The price tag for the original movies plus the new releases was about $275 for Turner; it’s a long-standing practice where studios sell the rights to premium networks first (like HBO, Starz, and EPIX), and afterwards they move on to cable networks like AMC, FX, and Turner’s TNT.


Image via Lucasfilm

However, now everyone wants to house their own content in their own streaming platforms now to keep their money and properties in-house. It’s one reason why Disney won’t renew its contract with Netflix over the most recent Star Wars movies, as it attempts to collect them all back for itself.

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