First Poster and Synopsis for 3D Elephant Documentary DISTANT THUNDER

     November 9, 2010

Continuing with our AFM coverage, we came across have the first poster and synopsis for the upcoming 3D animal documentary, Distant Thunder.  The film follows in the footsteps of March of the Penguins, telling the story of a herd of elephants that journeys in to the mountains in search of water following a drought.  The film was shot in Kenya, using the most advanced 3D equipment to tell its tale.  Hit the jump for the poster and official plot synopsis.

UPDATE: The studio has asked us to remove the poster. Sorry if you missed it.

Here’s the synopsis:

On a lush plain in East Africa, a herd of elephants drink and play at the watering hole they call home.  A wobbly newborn elephant splashes about, bull-frogs croak and monkeys swing.  Only the oldest mother elephant senses the drought is coming.  Soon, she will have to lead her family on an epic trek to the mountains in search of food and water.

The elephants will return to the plains and the smaller animals that they share the watering hole with, but first the family must live through an awe-inspiring journey.  They encounter raging bush-fires and flash-floods, as hyenas hunt the babies and circling vultures hope for the worst.  To survive, the elephants must look after each other.

Shot on location with the most advanced 3D equipment, we will be transported to Africa to walk among the elephants, sharing their fears and joys, including the heartwarming celebration when they finally return home.

Created by award-winning filmmakers Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone, Distant Thunder will be an immersive 3D experience for the whole family.

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