D.J. Cotrona Exclusive Video Interview DETROIT 187

     January 1, 2011

Detroit 187 is set to return on January 4th and last month I got to visit the Detroit set to do on-set interviews with the cast and crew. While police procedural dramas usually aren’t my thing, I really enjoy the sense of humor interwoven with the storylines of the detectives. Leading up to the return of the show I will have a new video interview with a cast or crew member, and today I have my sit-down with D.J. Cotrona, who plays Detective John Stone in the show, a cocky but effective detective recently promoted from VICE. Hit the jump to check out the full interview:

D.J. was a pleasure to talk with an easy going charisma. His character in the show is a bit cocky, but knows how to get the job done. He is quick on his feet but is humanly flawed in that he stumbles here and there. His time in VICE comes in use in the homicide division, so while initially the crew is hesitant to accept him, he proves himself on the field. As I said, Detroit 187 returns on ABC next Tuesday, January 4th at 10 EST. You can check out my previous interviews with Erin Cummings and Jon Michael Hill, and stay tuned for more leading up to the return of the show.  Her’s the interview:

D.J. Cotrona

  • I ask about his career path in college (he didn’t plan on becoming an actor).
  • 01:16- Asked him how he and Garret Hedlund became friends (he saw my Tron: Legacy band off camera).
  • 01:38- I ask what he feels the draw is for a police procedural drama. He expands on what makes this show a bit different.
  • 02:41- I mention the mixture of humor in the show. Asked if that was improved or written in.
  • 03:27- Ask about the response from Detroit to the show.
  • 04:32- I ask what kind of prep work they did for the show. Any ride-a-longs, etc?


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