Listen to Quentin Tarantino’s Soundtrack Commentary for DJANGO UNCHAINED

     December 31, 2012


Writer/director Quentin Tarantino’s Western Django Unchained finally hit theaters last week, and thankfully the film is really damn good.  The pic struck a chord with critics and audiences alike, as it even edged out Les Miserables to take the number two spot at the box office last weekend just behind The Hobbit.  Both Dave and I included Django on our Top 10 lists this year, and one of my favorite aspects of the pic was the soundtrack.  Tarantino is known for assembling diverse and sometimes-anachronistic soundtracks to accompany his films, but Django Unchained just might be my favorite collection of songs he’s put together thus far.

The full soundtrack is now available online with a track-by-track commentary from Tarantino himself.  The director always considers crafting his soundtracks an important part of his process, and it’s a joy to hear him talk about the different choices on this commentary.  Hit the jump to check it out, and click here to listen to Frank Ocean’s original song that was scrapped from the soundtrack.

Via JoBlo.


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