New ‘Doctor Strange’ Trailer Cracks a Joke; Sneak Peek of Select Footage Hitting IMAX

     September 27, 2016


Marvel has released a new Doctor Strange trailer and it contains something we haven’t seen yet from the marketing: humor! While it’s pretty much a given that Marvel movies are going to contain jokes, the trailers for Doctor Strange thus far have been deadly serious and played heavily on trying to convey that this is the first Marvel film to delve into the mystical realm. And yet the marketing basically just makes the film look like Iron Man meets Batman Begins with magic. Humor can help provide a way to show how characters see themselves and how they see each other. The one joke in this Doctor Strange trailer doesn’t illuminate the entire film, but it’s better than nothing.


Image via Marvel

We might get a better idea of what’s in store when Marvel does a sneak peek of select footage in IMAX 3D at select locations on October 10th at 7pm. The footage will be at over 115 locations across North America, and will provide “thrilling, never-before-seen 3D footage of the Scott Derrickson-directed movie.” Derrickson said of the footage, “As a movie fan, I am thrilled to take audiences along on the visual journey of ‘Doctor Strange’ and give them an early peek at what we’ve been working on. The completed film will feature more than an hour of specially formatted IMAX sequences that will provide audiences with a totally immersive—and mind-blowing—film-going experience and I’m excited to share a taste of that with our fans on 10/10.”

I’m always a little wary of these sneak peek events. They’re essentially extended trailers that jump around through the plot, and while they do their job of getting people excited for the movie, I would be bummed if I not only saw 15 minutes of a film out of context, but also had those 15 minutes spoil a chunk of the movie.

If that doesn’t bother you, then click here to get your free tickets to the event. Attendees will also receive a limited edition, collectible Doctor Strange IMAX poster.

For more on Doctor Strange, click on the links below. The film opens in 3D on November 4th.


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