‘Doctor Strange’: 25 Things We Learned from Scott Derrickson’s Commentary

     March 2, 2017


While all eyes are on Marvel Studios’ next outing, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the most recent Marvel Studios film is now available on home video. Doctor Strange introduced a new hero to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in exciting fashion, with Benedict Cumberbatch assuming the title role and bringing mysticism into the MCU for the first time. As conceived by director Scott Derrickson, the film offered up some truly trippy visuals and one of Marvel’s most accomplished ensembles yet, resulting in a fun if somewhat familiar superhero ride.

But as with all Marvel movies, the Blu-ray for Doctor Strange is stacked. Not only does it feature behind-the-scenes featurettes that cover everything from the film’s mind-bending effects to composer Michael Giacchino’s psychedelic score, but there’s also a pretty great peek at the rest of Marvel’s Phase Three, including Avengers: Infinity. But the highlight of the disc is the feature-length commentary track from Derrickson.


Image via Marvel

Director’s commentaries can be a mixed bag. Some simply explain what’s happening onscreen, while others go on so many tangents that it has little to do with the movie at hand. Here, Derrickson offers an insightful, entertaining, and focused commentary that peels back the layers on the film and offers a fascinating look at how it all came together. Derrickson is also refreshingly candid, giving a detailed and lengthy explanation for the casting of Tilda Swinton in the role of The Ancient One and discussing alternate ideas they had come up with for the movie.

While the track is absolutely worth a listen, I’ve gone through and culled together a highlight reel of sorts for those interested. Below are 25 things I learned about Doctor Strange from Scott Derrickson’s audio commentary.

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