‘Doctor Strange’: First TV Spot Reveals Benedict Cumberbatch’s Hero Preparing for Battle

     August 6, 2016


This week brings DC back into the fold after the fiasco that was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with the slightly more tolerable Suicide Squad. Not that much more, but enough to make a difference, mind you. That would mean Marvel is next up to bat with the anticipated November release of Scott Derrickson‘s trippy Doctor Strange, which was a major draw at this year’s Comic-Con. There, Derrickson and his cast, including Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton, introduced a new, exhilarating trailer for the upcoming movie, and now, we have the first TV spot for the film.


Image via Marvel

There are a few fleeting new images that can be picked out, but this is largely what we remember seeing in the trailers that have been released thus far. There’s a bit more of Mads Mikkelsen‘s villain’s attack on the populace of a city – what I imagine will be the climax of the film – but the focus remains on Strange’s seduction to the world of magical powers and spiritual enlightenment. There also looks to be a hooded Baron Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) skulking around but I honestly can’t say for sure. Regardless, Doctor Strange remains on the tip-top of most people’s to-see list for the Fall/Winter season and with a November 4th release date, just a few weeks ahead of Thanksgiving, one can expect an impressive box office take with this one.

Here’s the first TV spot for Doctor Strange:

Here’s the official synopsis for Doctor Strange:

Marvel’s Doctor Strange follows the story of the talented neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange who, after a tragic car accident, must put ego aside and learn the secrets of a hidden world of mysticism and alternate dimensions. Based in New York City’s Greenwich Village, Doctor Strange must act as an intermediary between the real world and what lies beyond, utilizing a vast array of metaphysical abilities and artifacts to protect the Marvel cinematic universe.


Image via Marvel


Image via Marvel


Image via Marvel

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