Watch: Peter Jackson Teases He’s Finally Directing a ‘Doctor Who’ Episode

     November 30, 2015


Will Peter Jackson finally direct an episode of Doctor Who? This is the question on everyone’s mind after a tongue-and-cheek video featuring the Hobbit director and current Doctor Peter Capaldi was posted to Jackson’s official Facebook page.

The video begins with Jackson polishing one of his four Oscars next to his daughter, Katie. The two chat about an email from Doctor Who showrunner (and Jackson’s The Adventures of Tintin screenwriter) Steven Moffat about directing an upcoming episode, but Capaldi soon storms in to try and force Jackson to sign something from Moffat and The BBC.

Watch the video below.

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Posted by Peter Jackson on Sunday, November 29, 2015

While discussing this “email,” Katie says:

He says he thinks that you’re plan is that they’ll come here to New Zealand and spend six months making an episode and then…but he wants you to go to Cardiff and make it 12 days.


Image via BBC America

This refers to a joke Moffat made back in November about trying to get Jackson into the Whovian universe. The showrunner told Digital Spy that he would love to get him on board for an episode, but that Jackson had been too busy in the past. Now that he’s done filming the Hobbit trilogy, might this video now mean he has time? Although, did you see that hardcover book sitting on the table? It’s a copy of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Silmarillion, yet another installment of the Midde-earth adventures. This is something Hobbit fans have wanted Jackson to tackle with a movie adaptation (although the Tolkien estate is firmly against it and still retains the rights to this part of the author’s bibliography), though the director also name dropped The Walking Dead in the video, which doesn’t automatically mean he’s directing one of those episodes.

Jackson did say in 2013 that he “would be very happy” to direct an episode of Doctor Who as he would “love to try [his] hand at television.” Combine that with a comment from the official Doctor Who Facebook page underneath Jackson’s video — “The Doctor’s certainly come to the right place!” — and it seems as though he’s saying he’s on board without actually saying it. Fingers crossed!


Image via BBC