DODGEBALL 2 in Development at Fox with Clay Tarver Penning the Script

     April 22, 2013


Pour one out for Patches O’Houlihan because it looks like another game of Dodgeball may be taking the court.  It’s been almost ten years since writer/director’s Rawson Marshall Thurber’s underdog story supplied quotes and one-liners to college undergrads everywhere, but now screenwriter Clay Tarver (Joyride) has been tapped by Fox to pen a sequel.  The original story featured Vince Vaughn’s team of Average Joes climbing the tournament ranks to square off against Ben Stiller’s steroid-laden Globo-Gym team, but a report has the two adversaries teaming up to take on an even bigger threat in the sequel.  Hit the jump for more.

THR reports dodgeballthat Fox and Stiller’s Red Hour have tapped Tarver to pen the script for Dodgeball 2.  While this isn’t the same situation as the currently-filming Anchorman sequel, it’s heartening to see that some progress is being made on the project.

Some of Tarver’s other works include Quantum Hoops, centering on a nerdy Caltech basketball team, which is set up Disney and also being produced by Red Hour; Men Making Music,about the world of competitive barbershop quartets, also set up at Disney and being produced by Abrams; and Meat in the Freezer, a satire about hunting for HBO Films which he worked on with Mike Judge. 

Check out the trailer for 2004’s Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story below:


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