Does Zac Efron Have Trippy Zits

     January 5, 2009

Written by Nicole Pedersen

A few weeks back MTV Movies Blog talked with the Oscar nominated composer/producer Marc Shaiman about the script treatment John Waters was working on for the sequel to “Hairspray”. I believe Shaiman’s take on the legendary weirdo’s premise was “it’s so fucking hysterical”. A little hard to believe if you saw Shankman’s version of “Hairspray”, but I’m willing to play along…

The treatment will move the core characters of Tracy and Link into the latter part of the 1960’s, with Waters apparently set on including a scene where teen dream Link drops some acid and has a long conversation with his forehead acne. Awesome! Considering that Link is played by reigning Disney dream Zac Efron, the prospect of seeing that particular chat onscreen had me more interested than I thought a musical sequel could ever make me. Today, MTV nailed down director Adam Shankman on the subject of the talking zits and other “Hairspray 2” esoterica and here’s what the man had to say:

“It’s crazy,” Shankman laughed. “[The treatment] is amazing, but it’s crazy. There are things in there that I was like ‘Can we do that?’ It’s real John Waters-y stuff, and it was more like a sequel to his movie than to our movie. Which I love, because then that becomes re-interpreted.”

Let me back up for a minute. I am on record as saying that Adam Shankman is the worst big-name director currently working in Hollywood, and if you saw “Bedtime Stories” you know what I’m talking about. Recall that Shankman did not adapt John Waters version of “Hairspray” from 1986, he filmed the Broadway version Marc Shaiman helped write. This makes me think that allowing John Waters to write a treatment for the sequel is basically an exercise in civility. I’d estimate that 50% of the crazy that Waters is capable of concocting will end up either cut entirely or sanitized beyond recognition.

In fact, MTV got Shankman to admit as much a few sentences later. So will we see Zac Efron on acid? “I think that’s probably part of the treatment that won’t get used” said the Shank “and in the treatment, [Efron’s drug use] is an accident.” Nice how he got that “it’s accidental” part out of the way from the jump – his check from the Disney image consultants will be sent out directly.

Shankman also confirmed that John Travolta’s Edna character will get a body makeover courtesy of a diet pill addiction and that Michelle Pfeiffer and Brittany Snow probably won’t return as the villainous Von Tussel’s. As for the title, Shankman is keeping Waters original “Hairspray: White Lipstick” for now and says mysteriously that he believes it’s a “butch title.” I think he has his lesbian adjectives confused a bit, but I’m not going to argue.

As for the talking acne, the director had this to say: “That’s the kind of stuff where you’re like: ‘Yeah, I don’t know if that’s going to work.'” To which I say that I wasn’t sure if watching a fat tranny eating dog shit would work either – then I saw “Pink Flamingoes” and I got it. Go ahead Mr. Shankman, get a little crazy. The positive side to experimentation is that our opinion of you could not possibly get any lower.

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