DOLPHIN TALE 2 Moving Forward; Harry Connick Jr., Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman, and Kris Kristofferson Set to Return

     June 18, 2013


Today in unnecessary sequel news, Alcon Entertainment has announced that it is in the final stages of developing Dolphin Tale 2.  The film is a sequel to “that dolphin movie with Morgan Freeman” from 2011, which itself was based on the true story of a bottlenose dolphin named Winter that was rescued off the Florida coast in 2005 and outfitted with a prosthetic tail.  Sadly, Dolphin Tale 2 will not be subtitled “Winter’s Revenge,” and will instead focus on another true story inspired by the life of Winter involving a baby dolphin.  The new dolphin, named Hope, will be playing herself in the film, marking the big screen debut of this up-and-coming young marine mammal.

Charles Martin Smith, who directed the first film, will return to write and direct Dolphin Tale 2, with the entirety of the original cast expected to reprise their roles as well.  That includes Freeman, Harry Connick Jr., Ashley Judd, and Kris KristoffersonDolphin Tale 2 is poised to hit theaters on September 19, 2014.

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