Dominic Cooper Confirms Participation in Duncan Jones’ WARCRAFT

     January 9, 2014


While the last couple of press releases from Legendary confirms some of the cast for Duncan Jones’ Warcraft adaptation, they’ve yet to confirm Dominic Cooper’s role beyond being in final negotiations.  Now, in an interview with Cooper for his upcoming film Reasonable Doubt, he confirms that Warcraft is indeed on his shooting schedule. There’s no word yet on just what role he’ll be playing, but it sounds as if you can safely add his name to the cast list.

Also starring Ben Foster, Travis Fimmell, Paula Patton, Robert Kazinsky, Clancy Brown, Daniel Wu, and Toby KebbellWarcraft opens March 11, 2016.  Hit the jump to see what Cooper had to say.

dominic-cooper-warcraftHere’s an excerpt from Steve’s interview with Cooper for Reasonable Doubt, in which he talked about filming Warcraft:

Collider: What’s coming up for you in 2014?

COOPER: I’m going off to do a film called Warcraft.

Oh that’s right, Duncan Jones.

COOPER: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can’t wait.  I’m so excited to work with him and the whole project is just massive and kind of exciting.

I spoke to someone who read the script and they said it is very cool.

COOPER: It’s really, really cool.  Really good script.


COOPER: Vancouver for a long time.

I was going to say that’s a very long shoot.

COOPER: It’s a very long shoot.


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