Dominic Purcell is Satan’s Right-Hand Man in Alex Proyas’ PARADISE LOST

     October 7, 2011


In what is shaping up to be an epic cast (which is good since it’s an epic poem), Paradise Lost has added yet another minion to the legions of dark angels. Dominic Purcell (Prison Break) will play Jerahmeel, an angel who is rechristened as Moloch when he falls in step with Lucifer’s rebellion against Heaven.  Alex Proyas (I, Robot) is directing the Warner Bros.’ project as an action-oriented adaptation of John Milton’s classic poem. The Legendary Pictures production also stars Bradley Cooper as Lucifer, Benjamin Walker as Michael and Casey Affleck as Gabriel. Since this tale has a lot of moving parts and a lot more cast, hit the jump for a break down.

paradise-lost-book-coverCasting news for Purcell courtesy of THR. Paradise Lost, the Milton version at least, is a 17th century retelling of the Biblical story of the Fall of Man, ie Satan tempting Adam and Eve, and God kicking them out of the Garden of Eden. But that’s boring. So now, Proya’s Paradise Lost is going to be all about angels fighting in heaven, aerial warfare and motion capture and possibly 3D. So real, you can almost smell the brimstone. Our Comic-Con coverage did lead to some eye-opening visuals, however.

Here is the synopsis of Milton’s sourced poem, via Amazon:

Paradise Lost is the great epic poem of the English language, a tale of immense drama and excitement, of rebellion and treachery, of innocence pitted against corruption, in which God and Satan fight a bitter battle for control of mankind’s destiny. The struggle ranges across heaven, hell, and earth, as Satan and his band of rebel angels conspire against God. At the center of the conflict are Adam and Eve, motivated by all too human temptations, but whose ultimate downfall is unyielding love.

Here is Proyas’s take:

“Were going to make an incredible epic film about the Devil’s fall from grace and the Archangel Michael. Adam and Eve play heavily in it as well. This film couldn’t have been made a few years ago. In fact, we’re not even sure we can make it now. But we’re gonna try.”

And Cooper’s response:

“It’s a very small story to me about a nuclear family. [It’s about] two brothers and their father and what happens when one brother feels betrayed by his father.”

Legendary Concept Art THE SEVENTH SON, PARADISE LOST, MASS EFFECT (1)So we’ve got Lucifer, played by Bradley Cooper, as we mentioned. Cooper is currently filming The Silver Linings Playbook, having replaced Mark Wahlberg. Opposite him is the archangel Michael, played by Benjamin Walker. Walker can next be seen as Abraham Lincoln in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. My guess is Walker would trade that stove pipe hat for a celestial sword any day.

Other cast members include Djimon Hounsou as Abdiel, “the angel of death”, although in the poem, Abdiel is a seraph who denounces Satan’s revolutionary ways and then kicks all kinds of fallen angel ass. Also standing against Lucifer will be Casey Affleck (Tower Heist) as Gabriel, who packs a wicked trumpet, a blast from which signifies the end of days. Finally, we have Callan McAuliffe (I Am Number Four) as Uriel, the “eyes of God,” who, in the poem, gets a little cross-eyed and accidentally points Satan to the Earth. Whoops.

At least with the casting news of Purcell going to Cooper’s side, Lucifer won’t have to fight this lop-sided battle single-handedly. Though, the crux of all this trouble resides in the humans, Adam and Eve, who are yet to be cast. Rumors are that Diego Boneta (Rock of Ages) and Camilla Belle (10,000 B.C.) may fill those respective roles. Keep checking with Collider for more Paradise Lost news.


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