Don Cheadle and Bruce Greenwood Join Robert Zemeckis’ FLIGHT; Kelly Reilly Confirmed as Female Lead

     September 21, 2011


Director Robert Zemeckis is filling out the cast for his return to live-action. Denzel Washington is set as the lead in Flight, where he will play an a pilot who is heralded as a hero after safely landing a damaged plane. His newfound hero status comes under scrutiny as an investigation is launched to determine whether or not he was drunk while flying. Now Moviehole reports that Don Cheadle and Bruce Greenwood have joined the cast. No word on what their roles entail. The report also confirms that Kelly Reilly (Sherlock Holmes), who was in negotiations to take on the female lead, is officially onboard as a drug addict who befriends Washington’s character.

Flight will be Zemeckis’ first live action film since 2000’s Cast Away, as he’s been dabbling in motion-capture fare such as The Polar Express and A Christmas Carol for the past 11 years. Filming on the project is set to get underway next month in Atlanta.

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