Donal Logue Offered Role of Detective Harvey Bullock in GOTHAM Series

     January 17, 2014

donal logue gotham slice

We recently reported that Donal Logue (Terriers) had been offered the role of James Gordon in the upcoming Gotham series; well, that was half-right.  Logue was indeed offered a role, but it was for the part of Detective Harvey Bullock.  The show’s pilot describes the character as being in his 40s and acting as a mentor for the younger Gordon.  Throughout comics history and subsequent adaptations, Bullock has always been a cop who works in the gray areas, sometimes known for taking bribes, roughing up suspects and even sabotaging Gordon’s work, while other times he acts as the “bad cop” who is ultimately trusted by Gordon.  We’ll see which version makes its way into Gotham, and whether or not Logue will take on the role. (Via Latino Review)