Watch: ‘Futurama’ Voice Actor Billy West Recites Donald Trump Quotes as Zapp Brannigan

     August 11, 2016

zapp-brannigan-donald-trump-sliceThe Internet is littered with “Who said it?” quizzes, especially in light of Donald Trump’s treasure trove of one-offs throughout the presidential race. But this might be the best one ever: Trump or Zapp Brannigan? Futurama voice actor Billy West took some of the Republican nominee’s more colorful quotes and recited them using Brannigan’s voice.


Image via Fox

“ZAPP presents…Famous Trump Quotations,” West wrote on Twitter, kicking off the first of a string of a videos. Each in the series featured a photo of Zapp with a caption marking the date and medium through which Trump made his respective remarks, and West then layered over audio.

To drive the message home, West has been trying (and succeeding) to make the hashtag #MakeAmericanBrannigan go viral. From “What I say is what I say” to “The concept of global warming was created by the Chinese,” these lines blend seamlessly into the animated series. After all, Brannigan is the one who coined the term “sexlexia,” mispronounces champagne, and whose idea of wooing women is with a velour bedspread.

Futurama executive producer David X. Cohen revealed Brannigan was based on “half Captain Kirk, half actual William Shatner” from Star Trek. However, creator Matt Groening said that the character’s mannerisms were and personality were created in Phil Hartman’s original audition for the voice role. Now, Trump is getting thrown into this mixed bag.


Image via funnyordie

As an added bonus, West’s videos look like it’s only the beginning. The voice actor promised to deliver more of these viral-friendly golden nuggets as Trump continues saying whatever he gosh darn pleases, so I’m assuming this could go on until even after the election is over and done. Does this mean Trump’s running mate Mike Pence should get the Kif treatment? We can only hope. You can take a look at the videos right below.