‘Don’t Breathe’: Red-Band Trailer Will Make You Think Twice About Robbing Stephen Lang

     August 11, 2016


A taut, tense horror-thriller that might surprise people when it opens in theaters later this summer is Fede Alvarez’s Don’t Breathe. If you have been waiting for this one for a while, it’s probably a good idea to skip the new red-band trailer entirely as it tends to feel a bit spoilery. Though the presentation of the two-minute trailer certainly has style and delivers that sense of tension and terror that permeates the film itself, it also seems to run through quite a few of the picture’s sequences, a tactic that’s entirely unnecessary.

But if you haven’t heard of Don’t Breathe before, let me pique your interest: The plot centers on a trio of young adults who, for various reasons unique to each of them, decide to rob a wealthy blind man (Stephen Lang). It sounds like an easy cash grab thanks to its presumably helpless target, but when that blind man turns out to be very capable and very dangerous, the three friends soon find that they’re in over their heads. Not only will they not be receiving an easy payday, they might not live to see the next sunrise.

Also starring Jane Levy, Daniel Zovatto, and Dylan MinnetteDon’t Breathe opens August 26th. Watch the new red-band trailer for Don’t Breathe below, if you don’t mind potential spoilers:

A trio of reckless thieves breaks into the house of a wealthy blind man, thinking they’ll get away with the perfect heist. They’re wrong.

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