How ‘Don’t Breathe’ Director Fede Alvarez Came up with the Movie’s Sickest Plot Point

     August 29, 2016

Don’t Breathe blew away box office estimates this weekend, topping the charts with a stellar $26.1 million opening. If you didn’t contribute to the movie’s opening weekend haul, I highly recommend checkin it out as soon as you can, but if you did see Fede Alvarez‘s latest, you’re well aware that a certain something happens in the film that’s an extremely sick and twisted idea – especially for a wide released backed by a major studio.

I’ve been lucky enough to chat with Alvarez a number of times about the film, so I opted to switch things up and focus on spoilers only for my interview at the Don’t Breathe press day. If you haven’t seen the film, you should not watch the video interview at the top of this article, but if you have and know the horror that Stephen Lang‘s The Blind Man is capable of, check out what Alvarez had to say about coming up with that horrific idea, how the studio felt about it, and if he’d be open to making a Don’t Breathe sequel.

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