Doug Jones Exclusive Video Interview – HELLBOY 2 Blu-ray Party

     November 12, 2008

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Last night Universal Home Video held a pretty nice party at the club Element (in Hollywood) to showcase their upcoming “Hellboy 2: The Golden Army” Blu-ray release.

While I haven’t watched the Blu-ray yet…based on what they showed us tonight, the disc is omfg. I mean it’s absolutely loaded with extras and tons of informative bits that show you how the special effects were done, how they made everything look so real, and I think by just watching this Blu-ray you could make your own Hellboy movie.

In the coming days Dellamorte will have a full review…but I can tell you right now it’s absolutely worth owning. Not only because the movie is good, but due to how much time and effort went into this Blu-ray.

Anyway, to help promote the upcoming release, Universal had a red carpet at the event and I was able to do a lot of interviews.

While I’ve already posted the Jeffrey Tambor and Selma Blair/Mike Mignola interviews, the one below is with the always great to talk with Doug Jones.

While you may not know Doug’s name, you’ve definitely seen his work. From the Silver Surfer in the Fantastic Four movie, to Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movies, Doug’s been in a number of films but he’s usually under a lot of makeup and prosthetics…

Since I’ve spoken to Doug a lot recently…I decided to ask him some questions a bit off topic….like what are his favorite mementos that he’s taken home from the set of Hellboy and Hellboy 2! I also discussed what does he do for Halloween and we talked about his love of dolphins. If you’re a fan of Doug’s, I think you’ll love the interview.

Doug Jones

· What are his favorite mementos that he’s taken home from the set of Hellboy and Hellboy 2

· What did he take from Pan’s Labyrinth

· Since he’s known for being able to disappear into his roles and he’s always wearing makeup and prosthetics…I ask what does he do for Halloween

· Has he watched the DVD/Blu-ray for Hellboy 2 yet
When he goes to comic-con or conventions what does he buy

· He talks about how fans always give him gifts and he mentions that he loves dolphins and that fans always gives him dolphin stuff

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