Doug Jones Exclusive Video Interview – HELLBOY 2: The Golden Army

     July 9, 2008

As most of you know, opening this Friday is “Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.” Since most of you are familiar with the film and what it’s about, let me cut to the reason you’re here…the interview with Doug Jones.

As many of you saw last week, I interviewed Doug at the Saturn Awards for a decent amount of time. So when I saw him only days later at the 4 Seasons for the Hellboy junket, I went in with a joking around first question by asking what he’d been doing the last few days. Thankfully, he played along with my questions and we continued talking not only about the movie, but another film he might be doing in New Zealand

If you’re a fan of this chameleon…I promise you’ll love the interview. And the best part…his revealing that Doug is the costume and Abe Sapien is real. Watch and see.

Again, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army opens this Friday. Go see it so we can all get a third film when Guillermo comes up for air! Oh, if you missed the movie clips from Hellboy 2, click here.

Doug Jones

  • What has he done the last few days? Talks about seeing the movie and the premiere

  • How was it seeing himself with a romantic interest on the screen

  • I ask how long it takes to get into the various costumes. His answer is awesome.

  • How much is he looking forward to going to New Zealand

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