Doug Jones – Exclusive Video Interviews

     May 13, 2007

The other day I attended the Saturn Awards at Universal City and I got to do video interviews with a ton of people. I suggest checking the front page to see all the other interviews as they’re too many to list here.

Posted below are two interviews I did with Doug Jones. While you may not know Doug’s name you definitely know his work. He played Abe Sapien in “Hellboy”, Pan in “Pan’s Labyrinth”, and this summer he plays the Silver Surfer in the sequel to the “Fanatsic Four.”

During the two interviews we discussed a lot.

In the first interview (on the red carpet) he gave me an update on “Hellboy 2” and said he’s leaving soon to start filming and he’ll be playing both Abe Sapien and 2 other roles, the Angel of Death – which he says is a juicy moment in the film, and a character called the Chamberlin which is a door keeper for the bad guy’s chambers.

He also gives me a synopsis of the film and says “the main nemesis of the film is trying to awaken what is called The Golden Army.” Doug also reveals that Abe Sapeine is falling in love for the first time and we’ll see how that affects him on the team. I also asked him about his reaction to the Silver Surfer and seeing him finsihed.

And I’m sorry for the mediocre camera work in the first interview. I was holding the camera in my right hand and the microphone in my left and I wasn’t always able to have Doug centered.

During the second interview, which was done backstage in the media room, he talks about why he was attending the Saturn’s and how happy he is about the success of “Pan’s Labyrinth.” He gives updates on what he’s doing besides “Hellboy 2” like how he’s signed for two more movies with FOX and the possibility of a separate “Silver Surfer” movie. He mentions that he doesn’t have a start date for FF3 if they were to make one and I also asked about getting recognized in public as he’s always under make-up.

Finally I asked about comic con and he said the plan is that they’ll fly in for the weekend to attend comic con and promote the movie. So that’s another project that will probably have some footage at comic con… more interviews are coming later today so check back later…

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