Doug Liman in Talks to Direct Remake of GAMBIT Written by Joel and Ethan Coen

     April 29, 2010


Doug Liman (Mr. & Mrs. Smith) is reportedly circling a remake of the 1966 British caper comedy Gambit from a script by Joel and Ethan Coen.  Deadline reports that the project is one of several that Liman is considering.  Others include an untitled moon mission flick starring Jake Gyllenhaal, an adaptation of The Three Musketeers, and a film about the Attica Uprising. However, Liman’s current engagement is promoting his new film Fair Game at the Cannes Film Festival.  The film stars Naomi Watts as Valerie Plame, the CIA agent who was outed by the Bush administration as retribution for an editorial by her husband Joe Wilson (played by Sean Penn) where he disputed the administration’s claim about WMD in Iraq.

The original Gambit starred, “Michael Caine as cat burglar who tries to rob a billionaire of his priceless statue and enlists the help of a waitress (Shirley MacLaine) who is a dead ringer for the victim’s late wife. While the burglar has carefully planned the job in his head, the execution is complicated by his relationship with his pretty accomplice.”  As for the Coen Brothers, this would be their first script since 1985’s Crimewave that they haven’t directed.

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