Exclusive: Screenwriters Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard on NATIONAL TREASURE 3 and TINTIN

     May 20, 2010

Screenwriters Doug Miro Carlo Bernard NATIONAL TREASURE 3 TINTIN slice

While you might not know the names Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard, within the next few months, most of you are going to see their work.  That’s because the two very busy screenwriters wrote Prince of Persia: The Sand of Time and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and they’re currently working on National Treasure 3.

Anyway, earlier today I got to sit down with them for an extended interview and we talked about not only how they got into the business, but all the projects they’re either working on or have worked on.  Since the interview ran 40 minutes, I decided to break up our conversation by subject. While I debated what to run tonight…I decided to go with the project they’re working on right now (National Treasure 3) and a project they worked on in the past (Tintin).

While the two were very guarded with their answers as they didn’t want to reveal any National Treasure spoilers, we did talk about the rumors the third installment is going to Europe and where are they in the writing process.  I also asked them if the rumors were true that Disney wants to film later this year and does Page 47 and The Book of Secrets play a part in the third movie.  They do.  And regarding Tintin, they talked about what it was like to work for Steven Spielberg and how they were able to geek out with him.  Hit the jump for the interview:

nicolas_cage_as_benjamin_gates_in_national_treasure_book_of_secretsLook for what they said about Prince of Persia, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, directing, do they want to do TV, and a lot more in the coming days.

Also, while Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard worked on Tintin, others have since come in and worked on the script.  Our conversation is more about what it was like to work for Steven Spielberg.

Screenwriters Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard on NATIONAL TREASURE 3

  • How has the 3D revolution changed the way they write scripts – They aren’t sure if National Treasure 3 is going to be in 3D
  • They’ve heard Nic Cage is either going to do National Treasure 3 or Ghost Rider 2 this fall
  • 1:30 Is it true that National Treasure 3 is going to Europe?  How much research are they doing to make a fun movie
  • 4:00 The first two films are very popular.  When they talk to people, do they hear that people are very interested in the third film.
  • 5:00 – They talk about why the National Treasure movies are so popular
  • 5:40 – Page 47 talk. They say they were asked to start with what’s on Page 47. Also, the Book of Secrets is definitely a big part of the third movie
  • 7:00 – Did they start on National Treasure 3 on day one.  They say they started on it a year ago.  They explain why it takes so long to do the script
  • 8:20 – Do they write with any sort of budget in mind?
  • 9:55 – Where do they think they are in the writing process?  What percentage have they finished?  They say they do have a draft done and the next few weeks will dictate how much more they have to go.

Screenwriters Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard on TINTIN

  • What was it like to work for Steven Spielberg and how did they get the job
  • 1:00 – They talk about how they geeked out with Spielberg
  • 2:00 – Do they think Tintin will be a hard sell in America
  • 2:55 – They reveal how Spielberg struggled with how to tell the story of Tintin.  It was motion capture that got him excited

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